We help you to prepare and apply for your partner/spouse's permanent residency.

As an Australian permanent resident or Australian citizen, you can bring your partner or spouse to live and to settle in Australia permanently. You and your partner/spouse need to provide evidence on your relationship, which includes but is not limited to:


History of your relationship

  • How, when and where the couple first met.

  • How the relationship developed.

  • The couple's domestic arrangements, that is, how they support each other financially, physically and emotionally and when this level of commitment began.

  • Any periods of separation, when and why the separation occurred, for how long and how the couple maintained their relationship during the period of separation.

  • The couple's future plans.

Financial aspect

  • Joint ownership of the house or joint names on a lease.

  • Correspondence addressed to the couple at the same address.

  • Details of financial commitments including bank statements, and any joint liabilities.


Social Aspect


  • Evidence that the couple is generally accepted and recognised as a couple socially such as joint invitations.

  • Evidence of common friends.

  • Assessments by the couple's friends and family of the relationship.

  • Joint travel or joint participation in sporting, social or cultural activities.


Nature of Household

  • Any joint responsibility for the care and support of any children.

  • The couple's living arrangements including sharing responsibilities within the home.

Commitment to each other

  • The duration of the relationship including knowledge of each other.

  • Intention to have a long-term relationship, for example, through terms of their wills.

  • Correspondence and telephone accounts to show that the couple maintained contact during any periods of separation.


The partner visa application can be applied either in or outside Australia depending on your circumstances.


The visa applicant usually must go through 2 stages, provisional and permanent.
The applicant will be granted provisional visa and 24 months after the partner visa application, the applicant will be eligible for the permanent visa.


We help you by providing immigration services for both provisional stage and permanent stage so your partner or spouse can be with you in Australia.