• Alex Halim

A New Visa For Niche Skilled or Talented Individuals

Australian government is releasing a new pilot visa as of 1 July 2018, which allows all Australian businesses to sponsor niche highly skilled or specialized skilled individuals to help them grow their businesses.

Established business stream and start-ups business stream are the two streams available under this new pilot visa.

The pilot visa will run for 12 months and this will provide businesses with a streamlined process to sponsor overseas individuals with cutting edge skills, where there are not suitable Australians available to fill the vacancies.

The business will need to demonstrate that they have been unable to source suitable individuals in the Australian labour market.

According to the Australian Government, this new pilot visa program will deliver more flexible, future focused visa arrangements that help to attract global talent to Australia.

We have yet to know whether this pilot visa program will be a temporary visa only or temporary visa with pathway to permanent visa, or direct pathway to permanent visa.

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