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English Requirement for Partners

Partner Visa, subclass (801/820)

Functional English language requirements for Australian Partner Visa applicants are set to begin late 2021. What does that mean?

Traditionally one of the most common methods to prove general English capabilities for immigration purposes is the IELTS—for this test, a functional English classification is achieved when the applicant scores at least 4.5 in each of the four categories of speaking, reading, listening

& writing.

While this basic English requirement will become a barrier to some partner applications, we at Alex Halim & Associates believe that the barrier will likely serve to protect applicants from social isolation and vulnerability to domestic violence. Just imagine a heated argument between an applicant and their sponsor while onshore with an 820 visa; who else can they turn to without functional English?


Immigration Online

Working with Australian immigration agents online is common during COVID-19

Please check if the agent gov.au verified?

Unlike .com, .org, .net; .gov websites are generally reserved for government use. This is the case in Australia, with the domain gov.au being reserved for Australian federal, state, territory, and local government entities. To verify the identity of a registered migration agent, you should match the records with information on .gov.au websites. Some examples to look out for are:


All practicing registered migration agents (with the exception of practising lawyers providing migration services after 22 March 2021) are required to be registered and must have an active Migration Agents Registration Number (MARN).


All actively trading businesses or companies are required to be registered with the Australian Business Register (ABR), and must hold an active Australian Business Number (ABN) or Australian Company Number (ACN).

This information is heavily regulated, and it is recommended to avoid any agent who is unable or unwilling to provide this information. While having these barrier is not ideal for legitimate businesses, it is more important that everybody protect themselves from fraud and theft. We at Alex Halim & Associates would like for all applicants to properly research the legitimacy of all potential migration agents before they make the decision of best fit; we prefer for our potential clients to be secure above all else.

Legitimate government websites will be in the format:

https:// .gov.au/

For MARN, see: https:// www.mara .gov.au/

For ABN/ACN, see: https:// abr.business .gov.au/

Look for us:

Alex Halim & Associates Pty Ltd, ABN: 19 164 534 794

Alexander Halim—Principal Registered Migration Agent, MARN: 0533728


Moving is Never Easy

It is going to be uncomfortable.

And at times it will be outright scary, and it definitely will not be as stable as the routines you’ve spent your days building, but the next adventure still awaits.

The only question now, is the classic dilemma: will you be able to say goodbye to the current adventure to try your luck with the next one?

It is the decision you will have to make, whether you decide to move down the street, to move to another city, but especially so if you want to try your luck in a new country, like Australia.

There is no guarantees life in these new places will be amazing, and anyone who represents it in that way is probably targeting you with a marketing campaign for tourism. But like almost everything else we do in this lifetime; a good experience will require effort, and what we get back will generally reflect the amount of effort we put in.

Building a life in Australia will be hard, but if you choose to struggle through, then you might just find your reason to call Australia home. Should you choose to take this next step—we Alex Halim & Associates will be here to help.


Employment Multiplier

Skilled Migrates will be an Employment Multiplier,

Acting Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services and Multicultural Affairs—Alan Tudge, adamantly voices this issue, but what does it mean?


/ ɛmˈplɔɪ mənt /

1. an act or instance of employing someone or something.


/ ˈmʌl təˌplaɪ ər /

1. a person or thing that multiplies.


On the surface it is hard to imagine—you are either employed or not employed, how can it multiply? The answer is simple but the problem we face is that the ideas are not conveyed properly. Employment multiplier is just a fancy term to account for direct & indirect jobs. Take this simple example:

An accounting position employs a single accountant, directly creating one job. One employment opportunity equates exactly to one job.

But imagine if for this particular firm, an administrator is in charge of handling the paperwork of 5 accountants. Twenty percent of their employment condition will be met. The accountant’s employment would therefore indirectly create 0.2 of another employment opportunity.

As a result, we can see the accountant’s single job offering will result in a multiplying effect of 1.2 times: effectively an employment multiplier.

Of course, the actual calculation for the employment multiplier is much more complex, taking direct and indirect spending of employees into account as well, but it’s the multiplicative effect that Alan Tudge is describing with regards to skilled migrants; this is what he believes will help the Australian economy.


Temporary Resident Homes

Buying a home as a temporary resident.

There has been some confusion regarding the eligibility of temporary residents (whether that is a bridging visa waiting the decision of an application, or a substantive visa for a temporary long-term stay in Australia). This is because expert advice generally cannot address the issues as a whole, because it will be outside of their professional scope.

We recommend speaking with the experts in each field to address the multi-factor problem; the factors include, but are not limited to:

  • Mortgage Eligilibity

There are only a handful of financial institutions willing to lend to temporary residents. This is a problem that should be addressed by speaking to a professional in the field—like a broker.

  • Foreign Investment Review Board—this is our professional specialty

The Foreign Investment Review Board approval is generally required for the purchase of all residential property, unless specifically exempted. For the full list, please see: https://firb.gov.au/exemptions-thresholds/exemptions

  • State Government Regulations

Real estate transactions are regulated by individual states; the fees such as transfer duties are will be best known by a conveyancing solicitor.

Immigration and Real Estate go hand-in-hand.

We at Alex Halim & Associates believe this & we have decided to expand with this vision with House Estates Agents.

We take a different approach, fueled with the insight of the many years of migration experience, combined with the technologies that has become a part of our every day lives.


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