• Alex Halim

From Survive To Thrive

For most of us, the last 2 years have been unpredictable, uncertain, and a struggle may stay afloat for some of us. We have to give our self a pat on the back for huge accomplishment to survive. Now it's time to turn the corner and forge a head with our life and career.

2022 is the year to emerge from survival mode and focus on thriving post-pandemic. How do we do that, safely, strategically and successfully?

Our principal, Alex Halim will be one of the key speakers at an event held by Networking Brisbane on 20 July 2022 and he will be sharing some of his success story to pivot with agility while navigating compliance and technology.

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Who is the event for?

The event is for business owners or professionals who are seeking to establish connections and relationships with businesses who not only survived COVID-19 but continue to thrive post-pandemic. Secondly, we want to celebrate! Celebrate business existence rather than extinction; celebrate togetherness rather than loneliness; and celebrate new directions and share new opportunities.

What will you receive on the night?

Share some fun and laughter to boost your energy and motivation. Make great connections with like minded operators who are experts in their fields. Set yourself up with support for your business to thrive.

Hear from 2 guest speakers sharing real marketing ideas that you can execute in your business and see results.

Who are Networking Brisbane?

Networking Brisbane, established since 2003 is one of Brisbane's longest-running business network groups. Our primary goal is to generate referrals for the member's services and products, while providing ongoing networking opportunities to expand your business brand. More importantly, our members enjoy a friendly and relaxed atmosphere where business and having fun go hand in hand.

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