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Merry Christmas 2020

And a Happy New Year

From bush fires to floods and COVID-19, 2020 has been a tough and trying time for many of us. Our hearts go out to everyone affected by these devastating disasters.

Despite all these trials, we would like to wish everyone a Merry Christmas and hope everyone can enjoy the holiday seasons through to the New Year.

We, at Alex Halim & Associates will remain available for all your immigration needs all the way up until 24th December 2020, and we will return 4th January 2021.

Let us all return with renewed spirits and refreshed souls.


Australian Immigration Policy

COVID-19 Opportunities

As the United States began introducing restrictions on immigration, skilled migrants are looking towards Australia as a close substitute.

While typically just behind the US, Canada and Germany, the Australian economy is already showing promising signs of recovery, and with its stabilisation, skilled workers are predicted to become scarce. In addition to the prediction of a net outflow in net overseas migration in over 70 years, Australia’s immigration policy makers may look to bring in more skilled migrants.

Hopeful migrants should be on the look out for news, as this is an excellent opportunity, particularly for those looking for nominations with Australia’s Temporary Skill Shortage visa programs. It may take some time before Australia shifts attention from returning citizens to processing hopeful migrants, but the processing times are estimated to take about 6-8 months for 90% of applicants.

"... the first time net overseas migration has turned negative [in Australia] since 1946."

--Dr Stephen Kirchner


Australian Values

I understand that Australian society values ...

When lodging a visa application, you are required to sign and agree to the Australian Values Statement, in one form or another.

What you are agreeing to, are the principles and ethics held dear in Australia, which is based on freedom, respect, fairness and equality of opportunity. These values are one of the reasons why the Australian community remains a secure, prosperous and peaceful place to live.

It's because of these values that Australia has been able to grow, to become one of the world’s most successful multicultural societies. Australians celebrate all cultures, so long as they do not bring harm to others and is why Australia remains a highly sort after destination for migrants.

Multiculturalism has grown to be an Australian identity, with many wonderful organisations such as Multicultural Australia, Queensland Multicultural Council, Multicultural Youth Advocacy Network; and many others in both private and public sectors that contribute to the cause.

I Still Call Australia Home; this is part of the weight behind these words.


RBA Cash Rate

0.1% — where to go from here?

"... there was little to be gained from short-term interest rates moving into negative territory"

--Reserve Bank

of Australia

The result of the December meeting for the Reserve Bank of Australia that will held on 1st December, 2020, will remain in effect until the next meeting in February, 2021.

At the time of publishing, the results are yet to be announced, but the is little chance that Australia will follow in the footsteps of Switzerland, Denmark, and Japan, to maintain a cash rate below zero,

However the result of the monetary policy will have trickle through all levels of the public and private sector. All industries, ranging from construction to immigration and other professional services will observe the effect of the decision.

For most of us, we might experience some of the following:-

- lower borrowing interest payments

- lower savings interest returns

- more domestic tourism

- more international visitors in Australia (when borders re-open)

- higher cost of imported goods


Christmas / New Year Slumber

And that's all folks - 2020

We've reached the end—we all feel the fatigue. And for many industries, it will mean work will slow down .

The delays will start from some sector, somewhere, and will reach through the entire system. Processing times will slow, waiting times will increase, and don't even think about progress on private construction.

What's important now, is to remember all the important documentation that's due. That's about all that can be done. Loose ends, like any stragglers still looking to take advantage of Australia's Home Builder Grant: it's time to hurry—only applications lodged on, or before December 31st, 2020, will be processed.

Once again, we wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Happy Holidays!


Land is still available at our Holmview Estate.

--Sunrise Property Group

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