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South Australia Has Re-Open for Business Skilled Visa Now

Updated: Jun 8, 2018

Applicable for applications made from 3 PM on June 7 2018. The applicant must have evidence of previous visit to South Australia.

The application must lodge online.

Important Notes

Application positions will be confirmed when the application is lodged. Places are limited, so if payment is requested, the ‘processing place’ for the application is secured.  If not, applicants need to wait until the new processing round in July.

More about South Australia’s processing requirements: http://migration.sa.gov.au/business-migrants/business-visa-options


Additional Information

Important changes from 1 July 2018:

To encourage South Australia’s newest business people to broaden their experience of our wonderful export opportunities, State nominated 132 significant business history applicants from 1 July have an expanded benefit to state requirement for exports.

To meet the export requirement for applicants aged under 55 not accessing a regional concession you will need to export at least AUD $600,000 of South Australian products or services (turnover value), but the majority cannot be wine if total exports are less than $1 million.

More detail and examples of acceptable State nomination export outcomes are provided in the 'Benefit to State' point 2.10 in the following link:



Source http://migration.sa.gov.au/news-events/news-releases/immigration-sa-to-re-open-188-132-state-nomination-applications

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