• Alex Halim

States Begin Re-Opening State Nomination Visas (Subclass 190, 491)

In September 2020, many states have announced plans to issue nominations for permanent residence to fill skill shortages with the following visas:

- Skilled Nominated, Subclass 190

- Skilled Work Regional, Subclass 491

With the condition that applicants will live and work in their individual states, these visas tend to reduce the amount of time that it takes to obtain a permanent residency.

This is an opportunity for those looking to migrate to Australia permanently. Those who seek to use this method are required to send an expression of interest to the relevant state authorities.

Potential migrant will need to be invited by the government to submit these visa applications, ensuring they meet certain conditions at the time of nomination for the invitation to be valid. Other than having experience in the relevant occupations from the list of eligible skilled occupation, the applicant must also: -

  • Complete the relevant skills assessment in the 3 years before the date of invitation. A copy will be required as part of the application, as well as previous conditions of stays in Australia.

  • Be under the age of 45, at the time of invitation.

  • Score above 65 points, according to the points-tested visa requirements listed by the Department of Home Affairs (see: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/help-support/tools/points-calculator)

  • Recognised to have competent English (eg. minimum IELT’s 6 for all categories)

  • Meet the health requirement

  • Meet the character requirement

  • Be without any outstanding debt to the Australian Government

  • Read & signed the Australian Value Statement, outlined by the Life in Australia (see: https://immi.homeaffairs.gov.au/support-subsite/files/life-in-australia/lia_english_full.pdf)

  • Not have had a visa cancelled or previous application refused

We strongly suggest if you are in a position to be a potential applicant and want to consider taking this route to immigrate to Australia, you should be in the process of, or completed the preparation of evidence for the above conditions to increase your chances of being successful with these visa options.

Call our office to arrange a consultation with our registered migration agent if you have any further queries.

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