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The Australian Agricultural Visa.

The new agriculture visa to supplement the existing Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme (PALM Scheme).

Workers from South-East Asia will be prioritised under the new visa, which will address labour shortages in the agriculture sector brought on by international border closures. The government has committed to prioritising these deals with South-East Asian Nations, including Thailand, Cambodia, Brunei, Myanmar, Philippines, Malaysia, Laos, Vietnam, Singapore and Indonesia.

“The Ag Visa will be the biggest structural change to the agricultural workforce in our nation’s history,” Said Agriculture Minister David Littleproud.


Queensland Property Clock

Best time to sell on the property clock

Brian White, the Joint Chairman of the Ray White Group, and the third generation for the

White family legacy that dates back to 1902, has heeded advice to sell a multi-million dollar property in Queensland in July this year.

32 Sutherland Avenue, located in Ascot is a 5/4/2 mansion that sits on a 3,035 square metre block of land, sold after a heated price war, will into the 10 million dollar mark.

“The inquiry rate was outrageous. I’ve never had as many (inquiries) socially, as well as through our portals." said Matt Lancashire, marketing agent and Principal of Ray White New Farm.

“High end properties like this historically take longer to sell, so this is a great sign for Brisbane."

Ray White chief economist Nerida Conisbee said Brisbane was entering a “golden decade” of property prosperity.

"Success usually comes to those who are too busy to be looking for it."

-- Henry David Thoreau


Australian Borders Opening

Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison has announced that

The federal government is working with the New South Wales government to accelerate opening of international borders, sooner than expected.

With the lockdown's stay-at-home orders being lifted this month, the announcement is another crucial step in the difficult path of post-pandemic recovery that affects the entire world.

Mr Morrison said that the implementations of home quarantine, which is the priority of the NSW government will give the option of international travel for vaccinated Australian, avoiding the current hotel quarantine model.

These announcements are part of the Australian Prime Minister's affirmation that is it time for Australians to "take our lives back" one step at a time.

"All countries need to review their strategies now,"

--Dr. Michael J. Ryan, WHO Informal Advisory Group member; March 2020


Investing in Property

it's not just about prestige or luxury

Any property consultant of any value will tell you that the real value in an investment property how effective it is at maximising the returns with minimal inputs—the value of "high yield" properties.

Yield refers to the money an investment makes as a percentage of the cost. In an investment property, we generally talk about the gross yield, which is a percentage that compares the total rental income to the cost of the property.

For example, a property that is purchased for $500,000 and makes $22,000 in rental income a year, will have a 4.4% PA yield (Simply 500,000 / 22,000).

What is considered a high yield will depend on the market; the most important factor is to do your research. There are readily available resources that will find out current yields on investments – for investment property yields, you will generally find that it sit higher than savings accounts but lower than a decent performing stock market.


Post-lockdown Highs

NSW & VIC are coming out of lockdown

With vaccination rates nearing the target of 80%, the two largest states in Australia (By population) have reduced lockdowns restrictions after more than 3 months in movement control orders, to tackle the delta variant of COVID.

With masks and sanitiser becoming the norm, one unexpected defining change supposedly caused by the pandemic, is the increase in household savings, which is approximately 20% above the peak of 2020, as at estimated $230 billion.

Intuitively, it make sense that savings increase when there are less places to spend during lockdown restrictions, and it would not be surprising if spending drastically increases immediately after the lessening of lockdown restrictions.

Many businesses predict that the increase in household earning will spur a spending spree, with economists forecasting consumer spending to return to normal, with hospital and travel driving the economic rebound.

"... the priority should be to ensure access to vaccination prior to travel,”

--Dr Omar Khorshid


Final lots for sale at our Holmview Estate.

--Sunrise Property Group

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