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We help overseas worker to obtain temporary and/or permanent resident visa.

Australian business able to sponsor you to reside in Australia for employment purposes as well as nominate you for Australian permanent resident.

Most of Australian businesses would initially offer sponsorship for temporary work visa and they may offer to nominate for the Australian permanent resident after certain period of employment.

To obtain a temporary worker visa, you will need to meet at least:

  • Be sponsored by an approved business sponsor.

  • The nomination submitted by the sponsored has been approved.

  • You may need to provide positive skill assessment related to the nominated occupation.

Temporary worker visa enable you to remain in Australia temporarily for up to 4 years under your employer sponsorship and you may be eligible to transition to permanent resident after certain period. 


To obtain a permanent resident under the employer sponsored program, you need to meet at least the following criteria:


  • You are nominated by Australian business

  • your age must be under 45

  • You skill has been successfully assessed by the skill assessor for the nominated occupation to be suitable.

  • You must have at least competent English ability

We help our clients by providing immigration services to obtain the temporary work visa as well as the permanent visa.

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