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We can help you to obtain a temporary visa to study in Australia.

Student visa is a visa that allows you to temporarily reside in Australia for the purpose of study, including:


  • School

  • English course

  • Vocational education

  • Tertiary education


The visa period of stay and length depends on the duration of the course.


As part of the application process, the applicant is required to meet the Minister direction 69 - Genuine Temporary Entrant which relates to:


  • Your immigration history compliance.

  • Statistical immigration of the country of passport

  • Your intended course of study and the value of that course.

  • Your home country's circumstances.

  • Your potential circumstances in Australia.

  • Your personal ties in Australia.


We help our clients by providing immigration services to ensure that your case as a genuine temporary entrant as a student is presented accordingly to the Department of Home Affairs for grant outcome.

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